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"With Gratitude" Thank You Card Box Set - 8 small cards/box

"With Gratitude" Thank You Card Box Set - 8 small cards/box

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To be grateful is to have a full heart and a sense of peace that only comes from receiving. To be with gratitude is an alternative to saying “thank you” and it offers a certain kind of humility that is lacking in the more common verbiage.

Originally found in a magazine spread about the crystalline Caribbean, the original mixed-media collage sought to replicate the bounty of friendship. The woman nestling the bright, tropical flowers can either be the gifter or the receiver but the message remains the same: When we are with grateful we become great.

Hand-written thank you's are always greatly appreciated and preferred to a text or email. Distinguish your Thank You with an original piece of colorful, whimsical art.

  • Each 4 x 6" card is printed in the USA.
  • Envelopes included.
  • 8 cards and envelopes in each box.
  • Blank inside.

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