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With Gratitude Thank you Card - Blank

With Gratitude Thank you Card - Blank

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To be grateful is to have full heart and a sense of peace that only comes from receiving. To be with gratitude is an alternate to saying “thank you” and it offers a certain kind of humility that is lacking in the more common verbiage.

Originally found in a magazine spread about the crystalline Caribbean, the original mixed-media collage sought to replicate the bounty of friendship. The woman nestling the bright, tropical flowers can either be the gifter or the receiver but the message remains the same: When we are with grateful we become great.

This foldable printed card features the following specifications:

    • Measurements: 5 x 7 inches
    • Weight: .4 card only .7 card w/ env
    The original mixed-media collage was created using a combination of acid-free glue, magazine pictures, doilies, specialty metallic craft paper, sequins and jeweled appliqués on watercolor paper. The image has been transformed into a collectible greeting card, left blank on the inside, and professionally printed in the USA. You may write your sentiments on the inside and tuck it away in the complimentary matching envelope for a proper thank you note.

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