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Jesus and Mary with Bird

Jesus and Mary with Bird

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Mother Mary is the quintessential mother. She is full of grace and light and she has been represented around the world for millennia as this bastion of love. Her visage, be it young and smooth or wrinkled with wisdom, offers a glimpse into the radiance found between her and her son, our Savior. This artistic representation of mother and child offers a distinctly Eastern interpretation of the two with Mother Mary garbed in traditional Japanese dress and visited by a small bird.

This one of a kind mixed media collage features the following specifications:

  • Measurements: 3.75 x 4.75
  • Weight: 3.8 oz
The original image of Mother Mary and Jesus was gifted to me by a friend who salvaged it from as second-hand store offering me the chance to renew it by emphasizing the divine radiance between mother and child. This framed collage was lovingly crafted with divine inspiration using acid-free glue, the original print, specialty glitter, foil and metallic papers, doily, sequins and appliqués on watercolor paper. As an original creation, it is signed and dated by the artist and will be sent to you in the hope that it will offer you the same comfort and grace it offered the artist during the act of creation.

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