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Joy Not Sorrow w/message

Joy Not Sorrow w/message

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Encouragement comes in many forms, and today it comes in a thoughtful meditative card just for you. Asking someone to choose joy over sorrow is no small task, but it is an important step in self-awareness and self-care.

Joy is a bright, bold, and colorful declaration of self-love whereas sorrow is an invitation to wallow. You are stronger than that and deep down you know it. That’s exactly why you were drawn to this prayer card. You know that you are loved and that you are beautiful; you just need a little nudge to remember that joy is very much an option for you right now. 

This prayer card features the following specifications:

Title:  Joy

Measurements: 5 x 7 inches

The original mixed media collage was handcrafted using a combination of acid-free glue, magazine pictures, and embellishments and has been elevated to include the following thoughtful prayer and message inside

Hey there.

This is just a note of encouragement for you! 

I am hoping you find joy in your life. 

Here’s a prayer that I think will help you in this moment ~

You have touched and whispered to my innermost heart that You love us - all of humanity - so much and unconditionally.

Sometimes I have a difficult time comprehending this. 

Sometimes I forget that this is true. 

Please help me to remember.

You have whispered to my innermost heart that there is no need for sorrow because God and divine guidance will never condemn or turn its back on humankind. 

Rather, I turn my back on myself.

Help me to remember Your call to be joyful, knowing that I am always loved, always wanted and always forgiven.

Help me to remember to ask for assistance to know and understand this better, now and forever.




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