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Joie de Vivre - Blank

Joie de Vivre - Blank

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My art is divinely inspired and is meant to offer people an uplifting light, a glimpse of joy, and a glimmer of hope. I wanted to transform my mixed-media collages into something accessible to a wider audience and I wanted them to connect with my art joyously. This greeting card represents that artistic seed brought to full bloom. It is the realization that a spiritual life can be lived in joyous technicolor, in exaltation, in excitement and it can transcend quiet meditation. Life should be filled with love, smiles, and celebration. Life should be full of joie de vivre

This foldable printed card features the following specifications:

  • Measurements: 4 ½ x 5 13/16 inches
  • Weight: .3 card only .5 card w/ env
  • Measurements: 5 ½ x 7 3/8 inches
  • Weight: .4 card only .7 card w/ env
The original mixed-media collage is created using acid-free glue, magazine pictures, sequins, watercolor, specialty metallic and glitter papers and jeweled appliqués on watercolor paper. The image has been transformed into a collectible greeting card, left blank on the inside, and professionally printed onto 100% cotton Museo® Artist Cards. As with each acid-free card in this line of collectibles, this art card comes with a complimentary matching envelope.

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