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Heaven on Earth: 8 Visual Meditations with Mother Mary Set

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Heaven on Earth is an original treasure!

As calendars, schedules, reminders, notifications, trending headlines hijack the day, so do anxiety and stress.

These 8 visual meditations with Mother Mary are your daily comfort companion. 

Set up in your work space, sacred space or wherever you choose, these original art cards are a visual prayer with Mary for peace, love and calm in your life.

Whether you are familiar with Mother Mary or not, the effect of the visual meditation is the same.  Her motherly, loving presence will help you navigate a hectic life with more peace and calm.

The art is the original divinely-inspired collage of Renée Deubner, drawing on interpretations of Mother Mary from all over the world.  The back of each card includes an original prayer as well as brief background information about that vision of Mary also written by Renée Deubner. 

Each beautiful box includes

  • A mesquite wooden stand carved by a local woodworker in Austin, Texas
  • 8 printed art cards
  • A card of introduction written by the artist
  • Tied in a gold satin ribbon ready to give as a gift to yourself or a loved one

The box is 5x7".

Each card is 4x6".

The cards are proudly printed in the USA.

This is a Limited Edition item.  Only 10 remaining!

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