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Bloom Open w/message

Bloom Open w/message

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You are a beautiful flower simply waiting to bloom. You are full of magic and mystery and, believe it or not, you have unlimited potential just waiting to spring into this world. It can be tempting to let negative thoughts limit that potential, but you are stronger than you realize, and you can overcome.

Let this prayer card guide you with its inspirational message of hope and remind you that you have a choice, this day and every day, to blossom or to wilt. Celebrate your body, your heart, and your mind with the affirmation that even the most brilliant flowers must endure cold, spring rains to truly blossom and all negativity in your life will pass but not before teaching you essential life lessons.

This prayer card features the following specifications: 

Title:  Heart 

Measurements: 5 x 7 inches

The original mixed media collage was handcrafted using a combination of acid-free glue, magazine pictures, and embellishments and has been elevated to include the following thoughtful prayer and message inside:

Bless your heart. 

I mean it!!

Your heart is bright and beautiful,

and I hope this prayer helps you feel that in this moment.

Thank you.  I am here now.

I am praying this prayer with the entirety of my being, which is endless and eternal.

In this body, at this time, I feel fear and hesitation.

I live too much in my head. 

May the enormity of my heart become all-encompassing. 

Encircle not just me, but all those around me, in heart-centered love, for love is truly the answer to all aches, pains, shames, bumps, pitfalls, disaster and catastrophes, big or small.

May I KNOW and UNDERSTAND the enormity of this prayer.

May I KNOW and UNDERSTAND that a call to love trumps a call to fear, a call to arms or a call to be small. 

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