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Breathe - Blank

Breathe - Blank

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Breathing shouldn’t be about swallowing air in a ravenous attempt to create profanities, harsh consonants and angry vibrations. Breathing shouldn’t leave us gasping for the next intake, frustrated with the world around us and overwhelmed by our latest to-do on our to-do list.

Breathing should be about being. It should be about finding stillness in the middle of the storm and realizing that everything will be OK. Anger is normal, as is frustration, but we have a choice in how we want to live. This unique card offers a surprising space to tell the recipient that they are OK and all they should do is breathe, sweetly.

This art card features the following specifications:

  • Measurements: 5 ½ x 7 3/8 inches
  • Weight: .4 card .7 card w/ env
Each of these greeting cards comes with a complimentary matching envelope and is printed on acid free, 100% cotton Museo® Artist Cards. Your foldable printed card is also left blank so you can fill it with the appropriate sentiments to your situation. The original mixed media collage was handcrafted using a combination of acid-free glue, magazine pictures, and jeweled appliqués on watercolor paper.

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