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Whoo hoo! - Blank

Whoo hoo! - Blank

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What is the sound of pure exaltation? What is the sound of joy unbridled by circumstance, or time, or limit? The sound is “Whoo hoo!” and it is best described as wind whipping through your hair as you ride an open cockpit bi-plane through the cotton candy skies of a late summer sunset. It is the riotous explosion of color before your eyes, behind your eyes, and in your mind and heart as your soul touches the divine without leaving your body. It is happiness made manifest in two words, two syllables, two beats of a joyous heart.

This foldable printed card features the following specifications:

  • Measurements: 5 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches
The original mixed-media collage was created using acid-free glue, magazine pictures, and jeweled appliqués on watercolor paper. The image has been transformed into a collectible greeting card, left blank on the inside, and professionally printed onto 100% cotton Museo® Artist Cards. Your newest art card also comes with a complimentary matching envelope.

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