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Keep the Lid On w/message

Keep the Lid On w/message

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Anger is a powerful emotion and while it does serve a purpose, it can be surprisingly easy to let your emotions boil out of control. Like the boiling pot in this prayer card, a steaming concoction of toxicity, negativity, and malice will only cause pain to those who hold onto it tightly. Turn down the heat, on yourself and on others, by acknowledging that you are not perfect.

There is freedom in giving up your anger even though it may be scary to consider. This prayer card was designed for the souls who wish to acknowledge the reality of anger, and the purposes it may serve in moderation, but who also wish to live a conscious life of love, light, and happiness.

This prayer card features the following specifications:  

Title:  Anger

Measurements: 5 x 7 inches

The original mixed media collage was handcrafted using a combination of acid-free glue, magazine pictures, and embellishments and has been elevated to include the following meditative prayer and message inside:

Hey, it’s ok.  We’ve all been there! 

Here’s a prayer for dealing with anger that might

help you right now ~


Sometimes I want to explode without even thinking. 

I feel like I'm boiling over with anger.

I don't wish to be this person, but sometimes I feel I can’t control it either.

Help me to accept that I feel angry, without shame for this part of myself,

Help me to apologize to the people I have hurt with my temper,

And help me to seek a place of calm in my life, so that I'm not so quick to react in anger.



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