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A Prayer for These Times w/message

A Prayer for These Times w/message

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We’ve all wondered what this modern world has come to now and again, and it’s a common refrain to hear people musing about these times. Like you, I am not immune to the onslaught of negativity within the news, the loss of loved ones both personally and collectively, and the civil rights violations that occur throughout the world.

This prayer card was inspired by these concerns on a wide scale, but also directly after the events 2016. Called to the divine, I revisited the loss of music idols David Bowie and Prince, the terrorist attacks in Paris, an unsettling election, and the countless refugees that never made it to their hopeful destination.

Rather than let the darkness consume my thoughts, and therefore me, I was called to surround these events in light and to let that light peek through. This prayer card is more than a selection of unsettling images framed by positive thoughts, it’s a visual declaration of Love and Light.

This prayer card features the following specifications:

Title:  These Times

Measurements: 5 x 7 inches

The original mixed media collage was handcrafted using a combination of Time Magazine’s Year in Review, gold foil, glitter paper, and tulle and has been elevated to include the following meditation and message inside:

Sometimes current events can bring us down but let’s not lose hope in what lifts our hearts back up.

Love, not hate, is the way forward.

Joy, not despair, is what’s needed in the world right now.

Peace, not anger or fear, will repair the damage done.

This is not just overly-optimistic and wishful thinking;

This is truth.

As some arm themselves with angry words and thoughts or with guns and weapons, stand stronger with peace, with love, with kindness…

For these are formidable weapons against fear and the destructive direction that fear leads us as a people and a planet.


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